Apply for an NFFC grant to enrich the life of a child in foster care.

Who Can Apply?

Caseworkers, foster parents, or service providers may apply for grants for foster children under the age of 19 who are currently state wards and in out-of-home care.


Apply for a Grant 

Grants may take six-to-eight weeks for approval. NFFC may be able to respond to emergency requests more quickly. Typically, NFFC makes payments directly to vendors. Reimbursements can be provided with a copy of the receipt.

NFFC does appreciate learning about the children for whom the request is made. Please include information about special situations, needs, and circumstances in a letter accompanying the grant application.

Need Help? Review NFFC's list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Who is eligible for grants?

- All out of home foster children under the age of 19 are eligible to receive grants; this includes kinship placements. If you are a state ward currently living at home, you are not eligible.

Is there a limit to how many grants NFFC funds per month?

- There is no limit on the amount of grants NFFC funds per month

What kind of grants does NFFC fund?

- NFFC considers all requests; however, the following items are normally funded: Educational assistance, school supplies, sports/activity fees, drivers education classes, summer camps, graduation caps and gowns, senior pictures, prom attire, music and dance lessons, recreational sports, and cultural activities. 

How can I make a donation to NFFC?

- You can make a donation through our website or by mailing it to
Nebraska Friends of Foster Children P.O. Box 541034 Omaha, NE 68154

Who can submit a grant to NFFC?

- Any foster parents or service providers working with a child can submit a grant to NFFC. This includes but is not limited to caseworkers, family support workers, foster care consultants, etc.

As the foster parent, do I need the case worker's approval to request a grant from NFFC?

- No. You do not need their approval, but you will still need to include their name and contact information on your grant request form.

How do I submit a grant?

- Submitting a grant is easy! Simply fill out the online application form above.

Can a child only apply for a grant one time?

- There is no limit to how many times a child can receive a grant from NFFC.

Is there a cap on how much money my child can receive?

- NFFC follows grant guidelines based on what the child is requesting; however, all grants are considered.

What is not funded by NFFC?

- Items and activities funded are those not covered by the state maintenance payment with a focus on those that provide life enrichment. Food, medical care, and independent living needs are not eligible for a grant. NFFC also does not fund grants for computers, cars, furniture or clothing. Clothing requests will only be considered for special circumstances/events.

What if the child does not end up using the full amount of the grant?

- NFFC respectfully requests that any funds that are not used be returned to the organization to fund other requests.

What if a child moves prior to receiving the grant?

- If a child moves prior to receiving a grant; please return it to NFFC. We will follow up with the caseworker to ensure this child receives their grant if still needed.

Does NFFC have an office or phone number I can contact?

- NFFC is an all-volunteer board; therefore, we do not have office space or a phone number. You can contact us through email or through the website. We will try our best to get back to you in a timely manner.

If I donate, how much of my money will go directly to the children?

- 95% of the funds given to NFFC go directly to the children we serve.

How does NFFC handle payments of approved grants?

- Typically, NFFC makes payments directly to vendors, such as paying the Summer Camp Organization or the School Band Fund, etc. Reimbursements for money already spent are considered only if a copy of the receipt is included with the application. It is helpful to provide a brochure or pamphlet about the goods or service whenever possible.

Apply by Mail

grantsDownload Application

Download the PDF grant form and mail your application to:
Nebraska Friends of Foster Children
P.O. Box 541034
Omaha, NE 68154

Email us!

If you have specific questions regarding the application process you may email the grant processor. 

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We love follow up!

Please feel free to send us updates about how the child is doing since receiving an NFFC grant.
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